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oil resistat electric cable (RVVY) 12 cords 0.75m㎡



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Unshielded RVVY 12cores 0.75mm2 oil resistat electric cable: 
1. Stranded copper conductor 
2. PVC insulation 
3. CCC approval

Unshielded RVVY 12cores 0.75mm2 oil resistat electric cable


Feature of RVVY 12cores 0.75mm2 :
1.Application: applied for machine tool. Machine process equipment. instrument. Crance electronic equipment . excellent in oil- proof
2.Direction: standard: GB5023.7-2007/IEC 60227-7:2003
3.Rated voltages: 300/500V
4.Rated temperature: 70C
5.Center conductors : stranded BC conductor
6.Insulation: PVC
7.Jacket: PVC

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