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RG 11



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3,Stable quality with competitive price 
4,Excellent attenuation index 
5,RG11 Coaxial Cable
1) Center Conductor: 1.63mm ± 0.1mm BC or CCS or CCA
2) Dielectric: 7.11mm ± 0.05mm FPE or SPE
3) Braid wire can be 60%-99% braiding T/C, copper, or AL
4) Al foil can be bonded, non-bonded, single and double
5) The degree of 10.03mm PVC can be 60 degree 65 degree 70degree, 75degree,80degree........And PE
6) Flooded: jelly, gel, or another method
7)Messenger :1.3mm ----1.83mm Steel Messenger
8) This is according to Commscope's standard.

1) CATV- community antenna television
2) CCTV-closed-circuit television
3) DBS-direct broadcasting satellite
3.Packing:100m/roll, 305m/wooden spool Inner packing: wooden spool, plastic drum, paper spool Outer packing: carton box, pull out box
d)OEM and customers' designation are welcome.Want more information please don't hesitate to contact us and that will be reallyappreciated.
5.we have ISO ,CE ,ROHS , approved.

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